On Line Evening 22 Nov 2016

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Re: On Line Evening 22 Nov 2016

by Phantom » 30 Nov 2016, 19:18

Debrief: Operation "Toy Story"

Seven pilots arrived for the mission.

Take was as planned from De Aar Military, routing first to Britstown, then south along the N12 until the broken down convoy was found.

All cargo was successfully transferred, and the squad took off, each in his own direction to drop the goodies off.

Everyone eventually landed safe at the airfield at De Aar Civil.

Thank you to the pilots who took part:

ZAV32 Genl Jan (Smokey) Jacobs
ZAV64 Maj Genl Eddy (Phantom) Evans
ZAV70 Col Nico (Sidewinder) Engelbrecht
ZAV96 Col Noel (Falcor) Grieve
ZAV92 Maj Hugo (Ironman) Nel
ZAV113 Capt Gustav (Night Fury) Le Roux
ZAV126 2Lt Celia (Athena) Eloff

Screenshots below.
Screenshot - 2016_11_29 , 20_08_15.jpg
Ready at De Aar Military
Screenshot - 2016_11_29 , 20_37_55.jpg
Airborne from the convoy and splitting up
Screenshot - 2016_11_29 , 20_45_56.jpg
Impressive on FS Navigator
Screenshot - 2016_11_29 , 22_02_24.jpg
Safe at De Aar Civil

On Line Evening 22 Nov 2016

by Phantom » 29 Nov 2016, 17:24



Christmas is finally around the corner again.

The SAVAF Helicopter Squadron is winding down exercises at the De Aar Air Base, when they receive a rather strange but heart-warming call for assistance.

It would appear that “Santa’s” convoy of trucks bearing a whole mountain of toys has broken down somewhere between Britstown and Victoria West, en route from Cape Town. They were on their way to distribute toys and goodies to various towns in the Northern Cape, but now it seems as if they will not accomplish their task in time for everyone in the areas to receive their share of the Christmas Joy in time.

In typical SAVAF humanitarian spirit, the heli squad agree to assist.


The heli squad are to scramble from De Aar Military and route to Britstown, then south along the N12 to locate the broken down truck convoy. Transfer the toys and goodies from the trucks, then each individual helicopter will fly to one of six designated towns to land and offload the goodies. Each Helicopter, when complete will then route back to land at De Aar Civil, where the Mayor and all the townsfolk await the pilots to honour them with one moerse party!


Scramble from De Aar Military (FA0D).
Route Heading 304* 22Nm to Britstown (AW28). (Note, FSX users will not have the airfield, but the town is clearly visible.
Now turn left approximately heading 230* and follow the N12 until the convoy is located.
Land at the convoy and transfer all the goodies over to the Helicopters.
Take off and route to the towns listed below and land to offload your cargo of goodies to the grateful people who will be waiting for you at the airfields:

Helicopter 1 Hdg 288* 59Nm to Carnarvon (FACN) (FS9 and FSX)
Helicopter 2 Hdg 003* 78Nm to Prieska (FAPK) (FS9 and FSX)
Helicopter 3 Hdg 079* 88Nm to Petrusville (FAPV) (FS9 only)
Helicopter 4 Hdg 107* 92Nm to Colesberg (FACB) (FS9 and FSX)
Helicopter 5 Hdg 136* 97Nm to Middelburg (FAMC) (FS9 and FSX)
Helicopter 6 Hdg 155* 87Nm to Bethesda Road (FABT) (FS9 only)

When each helicopter has completed their drop off, take off again and route to De Aar Civil (FADA) to land and wait for the remaining squad aircraft to arrive as well.

Flight Details:

Date: 22 November 2016.
Take off time: 18h00Z.
Departure: De Aar Military (FA0D).
Arrival: FADA.
Equipment: Oryx/Puma/A109.
Rules: VFR/IFR as required.
Weather: Unknown.
Fuel load: Full tanks.
Distance: Approximately 270Nm.
Total Time: Approximately 1:50 hours.
Time: Daytime.
Route: Own Navigation
Comms: 122.80 and ATC where available.
Lost Procedure: You had better not get lost! There will be some very sad people if you do! Alternatively recover to Victoria West (FAVW)!
VOR/NDB: Not too many of those around, Airman, your DR Nav skills had better be very good.

Good Luck and safe flying, Men!