On Line Evening 08/04/2014

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On Line Evening 08/04/2014

Post by Phantom » 05 Apr 2014, 16:03



A delegation of very highly placed foreign dignitaries from various countries are due to conduct top secret discussions in Zimbabwe.

They have been flown in as far as Beira, and it is up to the SAVAF to transport them to their summit location.

Due to the sensitive nature of the discussions, as well as the people that are arriving, the mission is top secret, and as such only Air Force HQ is aware of the sortie.

Because of the distance involved, as well as the nature of the summit location, it will be impossible to land with anything less manoeuvrable than a helicopter, but at the same time fast transport is also required. For this reason the mission will consist of three flights, ranging from a fast light jet, to a twin prop, to a helicopter to land at the final destination.

It is imperative that the dignitaries are brought to the summit location as fast, and as safely as possible.


Take off from Beira with a fast light jet, to land at the destination with a helicopter.


Take off from Beira (FQBR), and route IFR to AFB Hoedspruit (FAHS) at FL280. Use route VBR UG465 EPSEK DCT HSV. NOTE: Before crossing the border into South Africa descend to be below 1500’ AGL when crossing. Aircraft to use will be a Learjet 45. Land at AFB Hoedspruit (FAHS).

Quickly change to a Beechcraft Baron, and take off from Hoedspruit. Route VFR to Punda Milia (FA0E) at 4500’, and land.

Once on the ground at Punda Milia, change again as fast as possible to a Puma or Augusta A109 and get airborne. Route low level to position S22*01.10’E031*26.83. This is the secret location, which is a lodge on the Mwenezi River, to land.

NOTE: You will be required to log each PIREP and change to a new schedule with every aircraft change!

Flight Details:

Date: 08 April 2014.
Take off time: 18h00Z.
Departure: Beira (FQBR).
Arrival: Lodge at Mwenezi River.
Equipment: Lear45 for leg1, Beech Baron for leg 2 and Puma/Augusta A109 for leg 3.
Rules: VFR/IFR as required.
Weather: Unknown.
Fuel load: As required for the distance, plus reserves.
Distance: Approximately 500Nm.
Leg Time: Approximately 2:00 hours.
Time: Daytime.
Route: FQBR VBR UG465 EPSEK DCT HSV-FAHS-FA0E position S22*01.10’E031*26.83.
Comms: 122.80 and ATC where available.
Lost Procedure: Don’t even consider getting lost! You have a lot of important people on board! Altrnatively recover to FQMA.
VOR/NDB: VOR: VBR 113.70, HSV 114.00, VMA 112.70. NDB: HA 265.0, TSH 252.5.

Good Luck and safe flying, Men!
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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Re: On Line Evening 08/04/2014

Post by Phantom » 09 Apr 2014, 12:29

Debrief: Operation "Jumbalaya"

Five ever keen and able SAVAF pilots reported at Beira.

Take off was a bit late at 18h13z, but the lear jets streaked into the sky, bound for Hoedspruit. At Hoedspruit a quick change was made to the Barons, and it was off again to Punda Milia.

Another quick change and a mix of A109's and Puma's rushed off low level to land at the lodge in Zim.

Order of landing was ZAV64, ZAV32, ZAV70, ZAV96 and finally ZAV92.

Thank you to the pilots who took part:

ZAV32 Maj Genl Jan (Smokey) Jacobs
ZAV64 Col Eddy (Phantom) Evans
ZAV70 Lt Col Nico (Sidewinder) Engelbrecht
ZAV96 Maj Noel (Falcor) Grieve
ZAV92 Capt Hugo (Iron Man) Nel.

Below some shots of the event:
OP Jumbalaya-2014-apr-8-002.jpg
Ready on the runway at Beira:
OP Jumbalaya-2014-apr-8-003.jpg
Formation roll at Beira:
OP Jumbalaya-2014-apr-8-008.jpg
Safe at the lodge:
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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