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On line Evening 17 Nov 2015

Posted: 15 Nov 2015, 22:01
by Phantom


The SAVAF is on operational duty in the Cape Verde Islands and the group of happy pilots have been stationed at Amilcar Cabral Intl in the city of Sal on the main island.

It does not take too much time (not enough to enjoy the local delights in any event), before their services are required.

There are scientists from an international exploration company that are stationed at every island around the main island of Sal who are monitoring climate changes, amongst other things, and they have called in to request urgent supplies to be airlifted to them.

The SAVAF have been asked, as usual, to assist.

The pilots have been requested to utilise some C130’s, based at Amilcar Cabril, to fly the supplies out to the scientists.


Scramble from Amilcar Cabril (GVAC) and route to the surrounding islands as briefed below, to land and resupply the scientists.


Scramble from Amilcar Cabril (GVAC) and route 184*, 35Nm to land at Rabil (GVBA).
Take off from Rabil and route 208*, 62Nm to land at Maio (GVMA).
Take off from Maio and route 239*, 21Nm to land at Francisco Mendes (GVFM).
Take off again and route 278*, 57Nm to land at Sao Filipe (GVSF).
Take off again and route to San Pedro (GVSV) hdg 355*, 122Nm, to land.
Once again take off and route to Preguica (GVSN) hdg 118*, 47Nm and land there.
Finally take off again and route 093*, 50Nm to recover at Amilcar Cabril (GVAC).

NOTE: Some of these airfields are really difficult to land at! You are going to need all your skills to perform successful landings, and take offs! Steep terrain surrounds many of the airfields and they are very short (it is strongly suggested that you load your aircraft with the minimum fuel required: no more than 50%)

Flight Details:

Date: 17 Nov 2015.
Take off time: 18h00Z.
Departure: Amilcar Cabril (GVAC).
Arrival: Amilcar Cabril (GVAC).
Equipment: C130.
Rules: VFR as required.
Weather: Unknown.
Fuel load: Minimum required for the distance!
Distance: Approximately 440Nm.
Leg Time: Approximately 1: 50 hours.
Time: Daytime.
Comms: 122.80 and ATC where available.
Lost Procedure: Don’t get lost, or crash! You will embarrass everyone if you do! There is no alternative except Amilcar Cabril (GVAC).
VOR/NDB: VOR: CVS 115.30, SNT 116.60. NDB: SAL 274.0, BVT 341.0, PRA 349.0, SVT 330.0, NCL 357.0.

Good Luck and safe flying, Men!