On Line Evening 24 Oct 2017

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On Line Evening 24 Oct 2017

Post by Phantom » 22 Oct 2017, 22:18



The SAVAF are still on deployment at St Helena.

The British Forces at Ascension have requested that the SAVAF participate in a few operational exercises on that island.

The SAVAF, ever keen, have agreed. We pack up our bags, and depart for Ascension to spend a week or two with our British counterparts.


Take off from St Helena (FHSH) and route to Ascension FHAW as per route plan below.


Scramble from the St Helena FACP (FHSH) and route to Ascension Aux Air Base (FHAW), Angels 36, M0.79.
Land at Ascension (FHAW).

Flight Details:

Date: 22 October 2017.
Take off time: 18h00Z.
Departure: St Helena FACP FHSH).
Arrival: Ascension (FHAW).
Equipment: C17 Heavy cargo Transporter or similar.
Rules: IFR as required.
Weather: Unknown
Fuel load: As required for the distance, plus reserves.
Distance: Approximately 780Nm.
Leg Time: Approximately 1:45 hours.
Time: Daytime.
Route: FHSH-DCT-1407W- 1307W-1010W-0813W-0814W-ASW-DCT-FHAW.
Comms: 122.80 and ATC where available.
Lost Procedure: Nah! You are too good a pilot for that. Alternatively recover back to St Helena (FHSH).
VOR/NDB: VOR: SH 113.10. NDB: ST: 325.0, ASI 112.20.

Good Luck and safe flying, Men!
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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