On Line Evening 27/08/2013

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On Line Evening 27/08/2013

Post by Phantom » 20 Aug 2013, 22:48



A yacht race was planned to run from Cape Town to Richards Bay, and all went off fairly well until the yachts came abeam the vicinity of Port Elizabeth, where they were struck by a massive thunderstorm.

Most of the craft made it past the storm in time, but a group of them were apparently caught in the storm in the early hours of the morning. A mayday call was received by the NSRI at around 04h00z in the morning. The call was not very distinct, except that the sailor making the radio call stated that they were at position S33*45.77’, E028*48.98’. The NSRI also managed to determine that there is a group of yachts together, and all were disabled by the storm, and could not make their own way.

The weather forecasters on duty have determined that there was a strong north-north-westerly wind of more than 50kts blowing at the time of the storm.

The last radio call was received from the sailor at 05h00z, wherein he said that all in the group were alive but that most of the craft were now sinking.

It is unclear what the position of the yachts would be now, only that they could have drifted roughly north east. But with the south westerly current usual for the area it is suspected that their drift course would not be entirely north east......

It is fortunate that a squadron of amphibian aircraft are operating in the Port Alfred area, and they have been tasked to scramble to investigate, and rescue any possible survivors.


The amphib squadron will scramble from the lake at Port Alfred and route to position S33*45.77’, E028*48.98’, and from there perform a search for the yachts. Once found, the squad will land next to the craft, pick up any survivors, and ferry them to East London.


Scramble from the lake at Port Alfred.
Climb to 1500’ and fly on a heading of approximately 126* to position S33*45.77’, E028*48.98’.
Once over head the position turn towards the suspected drift course of the yachts, and descend to 500’
Perform a search for the yachts, and if and when found, land.
Pick up the survivors, and recover to East London. Note: the hospital is closer to the harbour than the airfield, so ambulances will be waiting at the harbour for the squad.

Flight Details:

Date: 27 August 2013.
Take off time: 18h00Z.
Departure: Port Alfred lake.
Arrival: FAEL.
Equipment: C208 Amphib or similar.
Rules: VFR/IFR as required.
Weather: Unknown.
Fuel load: Enough to perform the search, plus the usual reserves.
Distance: Approximately 240Nm.
Total Time: Approximately 1:50 hours.
Time: Morning. NOTE: Set your FS time to 08h00 local time, and the date as 27 August 2013.
Route: Port Alfred, S33*45.77’, E028*48.98’ search pattern, FAEL.
Comms: 122.80 and ATC where available.
Lost Procedure: You had better not get lost! There are half drowned sailors depending on you! Alternatively recover to Port Elizabeth (FAPE).
VOR/NDB: VOR: ELV 114.50, PEV 112.90. NDB: PA 232.5, EC 410.0, PD 372.5.

Good Luck and safe flying, Men!
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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Re: On Line Evening 27/08/2013

Post by Phantom » 30 Aug 2013, 22:48

Debrief Operation "Sailor"

Four able SAVAF pilots reported for duty at Port Alfred Lake.

Some frantic, yet incredibly accurate calculations from Smokey saw the formation taking off to head to the last known fix of the flotilla of yachts.

After overflying the fix, it was off on the exact vector east to find the yachts approximately 30mins later. All aircraft landed at the stricken yachts, and the survivors were picked up, to recover to the harbour at East London.

Thank you to the pilots who took part, and very well done Smokey for keeping the flight on track:

ZAV32 Maj Genl Jan(Smokey) Jacobs
ZAV64 Col Eddy(Phantom) Evans
ZAV70 Lt Col Nico(Sidewinder) Engelbrecht
ZAV43 Lt Marshall(Axper) Kriegler.

Below some screenshots of the Event
Ready for action at Port Alfred:
Picking up the survivors:
Safe at the harbour at East London:
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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