On Line Evening 10/09/2013

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On Line Evening 10/09/2013

Post by Phantom » 06 Sep 2013, 12:25



Just when everyone thought that winter was over, one more cold snap has hit, especially in the Drakensberg area, where it is reported that heavy snows have fallen.
It is unfortunate that a group of hikers also thought that the winter was over and set off on a long hiking trail from the Dragons Peak area, south west along the escarpment.
A cell phone call was received from the group asking for assistance as they had become trapped in the snow on a peak somewhere. One of the hikers who happens to have GPS on his cell phone seemed to think that they were at a position S29*17.39’ E029*26.45’. They have reported that their situation had become critical, as their supplies were running low, and some of the hikers were beginning to suffer from hypothermia.
The SAVAF have been asked to assist in the rescue operation of the hikers. Unfortunately the squadron of SAVAF helicopters are on exercises at Richards Bay, and would therefore have to move very quickly in order to assist the hikers. The hikers’ back-up crew have also asked to be collected at Dragons’ Peak to assist in the search.


Scramble from Richards Bay (FARB) and route to Dragons’ Peak (AW56). Route to position S29*17.39’ E029*26.45” to search for the hikers. Pick them up, and recover to Pietermaritzburg (FAPM).


Take off from Richards Bay FARB) and fly approximately 285* for 130Nm to land at Dragons’ Peak (AW56).
Collect the back-up crew at Dragons’ Peak, and route approximately 203* for 18Nm to position S29*17.39’ E029*26.45”.
Commence the search, and when found, land and collect the hikers.
When complete, take off again and route approximately 138* and 47Nm to recover at Pietermaritzburg (FAPM).

Flight Details:

Date: 10 Sept 2013.
Take off time: 18h00Z.
Departure: Richards Bay (FARB).
Arrival: Pietermaritzburg (FAPM).
Equipment: A109/Oryx.
Rules: VFR/IFR as required.
Weather: Snow.
Fuel load: As required for the distance, plus reserves.
Distance: Approximately 215Nm.
Leg Time: Approximately 1:50 hours.
Time: Daytime.
Route: FARB-AW56- S29*17.39’ E029*26.45” -FAPM.
Comms: 122.80 and ATC where available.
Lost Procedure: Don’t get lost! Just don’t even think about it! Alternatively recover to KingShaka Intl (FALE).
VOR/NDB: VOR: RBV 113.00, PMV 117.90, TGV 115.60. NDB: RI 465.0, RB 337.0, PU 407.0.

Good Luck and safe flying, Men!
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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Re: On Line Evening 10/09/2013

Post by Phantom » 14 Sep 2013, 21:54

Debrief: Operation "Snowshoe"

Four intrepid SAVAF pilots, joined by an eager civilian pilot, reported for duty at Richards Bay on a cold snowy morning.

The squad of helicopters scrambled a tad late at 18h15z and routed to Dragons Peak to collect the civilian rescue party.

In typical "civilian" style, Mr Hugo Nel misappropriated all the "medicinal" supplies from Axpers' helicopter, and decided to stay at Dragons Peak sampling same with gusto. It is just fortunate that Phantom, the ever forward thinking pilot that he is, had the presence of mind to have a sufficient back up stock of "medicine" in his helicopter.

From there it was on to the last known position report given by the hikers. After a short search the half frozen hikers were found and airlifted to Pietermaritzburg.

The frozen hikers, as well as the by now equally cold pilots were quickly resuscitated on the apron with the stock of "medicine" (Jaegermeister??) from Phantom's helicopter.

Incidentally, Hugo enjoyed the flight so much, that he has subsequently joined our merry ranks! Welcome ZAV92 (Iron Man) Nel!!!

Thank you to the pilots who took part:
ZAV32 Maj Genl Jan (Smokey) Jacobs
ZAV64 Col Eddy (Phantom) Evans
ZAV70 Lt Col Nico (Sidewinder) Engelbrecht
ZAV43 Lt Marshall (Axper) KriegleCivilian pilot, Uh I mean ZAV92 CO Hugo (Iron Man) Nel

Below some screenshots of the Event:
Ready at Richards Bay:
Collecting the rescue party at Dragons Peak
The hikers have been found!!
Safe at Pietermaritzburg
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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