On Line Evening 21 February 2017

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On Line Evening 21 February 2017

Post by Phantom » 24 Feb 2017, 21:58

Debrief: Operation "Red October Two"

Six Pilots attended.

Magic1 scrambled at 17h00z from AFB Langebaan and proceeded to the target area, followed by Hunter Squad at 18h15z.

Contact was made 25Nm NW of original position by Magic1, and the Hunter Squad was called in to investigate. The problem was quickly sorted out by the fighter/bomber squad, and all formed up to recover to AFB Overberg.

Thanks to the pilots who took part:

ZAV32 Genl Jan (Smokey) Jacobs
ZAV64 Maj Genl Eddy (Phantom) Evans
ZAV70 Col Nico (Sidewinder) Evans
ZAV97 Lt Col Krause (Kous) Venter
ZAV115 2Lt Goiteona (Kukri) Diale
ZAV121 2Lt Adrienne (Viper) Visser

Screenshots attached
Screenshot - 2017_02_21 , 18_58_58.jpg
Preparing to scramble from Langebaan:
Screenshot - 2017_02_21 , 20_52_45.jpg
Overhead the Target:
Screenshot - 2017_02_21 , 21_24_28.jpg
In formo en route to Overberg:
Screenshot - 2017_02_21 , 21_41_32.jpg
Taxiing in to the Apron at Overberg:
Lt Genl Eddy(Phantom) Evans
Officer Commanding: Air Command/SOA2/ZA-EC/ZA-SOC

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